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  1. you already know I'm the only one who owns halo 5 besides you on fuzion
  2. im bored, i don't have a pc and all i have is my xbox. my membership ended a month ago and i want to play something online. let me know if you have a trial code you're willing to let me use
  3. I do but can't right now, no pc
  4. This trailer is most likely the last trailer before the game comes out
  5. ok so me and aids were looking at VPS for our personal issues, we were looking for the best price and features we can get, as we were looking around, we came around this one http://www.dedimonster.com/windows-vps/ As soon as i saw the front page to this website site, i just had to burst out laugh because of how bad it looks and how much they wanted to charge people. 10/10 would spend me savings to these people
  6. I hate the Nat system, can't even play a game of castles crasher online because of it
  7. This is a Issue i had with my xbox one and tried to get help with it, here are the end results Cardiff: Hello, thank you for contacting Xbox Customer Support. My name is Cardiff. How can I help you today? EternalFuse: Hello, i can't hear other people while i play online, i can talk during a lobby but not while the game is playing Cardiff: Thanks for bringing up the concern. Cardiff: Does this happen to every games you played on the console? EternalFuse: so far only the mastercheif collection is the only game right now, not sure about the others Cardiff: You have an XBOX One, right? EternalFuse: yes Cardiff: Can you please go to Settings >> Network >> then check your NAT type EternalFusel: it says its strict Cardiff: I see. That explains the issue you are having EternalFuse. Cardiff: With a Strict NAT, you will be having issues doing a party chat Cardiff: But nothing to worry, we do have some suggested steps on the website to fix this; however, if everything fails, you will need to contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider) to set your Nat type to "Open". Alright? Cardiff: Please see this link Cardiff: http://support.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-one/networking/nat-error-solution EternalFuse: i have also tried doing the ports you guys have on the website but whenever i do it, it always go to open and then to strict as soon as i start playing a game Cardiff: May I ask how many devices are connected on your network? EternalFuse: about 8 Cardiff: and do you have another console connected on it? EternalFuse: all my other consoles are connect through wifi, my xbox is connect to the modem with a Ethernet cord Cardiff: I see. Just a heads up EternalFuse, there are some routers that are not capable of supporting more than one console at the same time. However, we do not have a list of console that can do multiple consoles. The best thing that you can do is ask from one of your friends or someone you know, which has this kind of set up, on what type of router they are using. Cardiff: a list of routers** EternalFuse: ok Cardiff: Is there anything else I can help you with? EternalFuse: no thats all Cardiff: If that was everything, thank you for contacting XBOX Customer Support. Have a great day! I had a better experience with xbox support back then, today it seems like they didn't even want to help anyone and still no reply to my tweet to their support team

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