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  1. Im so lucky to be in the presents of such beauty. Welcome back buddy!
  2. Welcome back Pertice, our server will be up soon and you can join us! Thank you for always having FuZion Gaming in your heart <3
  3. Love you logan <3 you are one hell of a dude, ill miss you, please come back
  4. Long time no see, just saying I'm still alive! I have been extremely busy with work and relationships with the lady and family. I have been trying to move out and buy myself a new car I'm so so so deeply sorry for not keeping in touch with the community and i miss you guys so much i kills me <3 I really hope the community is still here, the family new/old, I love you all! I will be back on soon!!! Hopefully you guys haven't forgotten about me ;( <3 Stay classy guys, sorry again for my lack of communication. Hopefully if you can take me back
  5. We always enjoy having you around, hope everything works out for the best see you soon
  6. i Hate you i read this on april 2nd so i though this was real i cried ;( i love you
  7. Neglect?Hello and welcome to the FuZion Gaming Forums
  8. Blue will ban you for a day if you cant clutch
  9. I'm right there with you, it's the highest honor Valve gives you
  10. Hello and welcome to the forums! Tip: continue being active on the server and forums be a good communicator toward new players and players unaware of rules. Help people, and be friendly Then I'll see about that application.
  11. Lol can't even carry blue
  12. SeargentSeaBiscuit hit it on the spot Im gunna cry myself to sleep
  13. Flammable hairspray + lighter = toasty spiders = happy Focal
  14. To many people leaving :c do something original Casper

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