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  1. I've noticed a new layout for the FuZion website, much different from before, and the shoutbox is gone too, is this a sign for a return of FuZion???
  2. Wolfey

    Meet up?

    I like the Murder part, sounds fun
  3. There is plenty of co-op achievements in Halo 5, and I'm wondering if anyone has it and if anyone wants to play to get some achievements and play some multiplayer afterwards? Max amount of people is 4
  4. I deserve the points because my name is Wolfey, and the name Wolfey means give 30000 points to Wolfey because Wolves are cool
  5. I joined July 17th 2014 for the first time, but I didn't play that much at the time, I'd say I joined the community 2014 christmas break, that's when I played every night and actually went on ts
  6. Nope, Scott was just like FUCK IT, and hit the release button, though there are people having problem with fullscreening, there isnt really a lot of problems
  7. *facepalm* no, everyone believes that but no, the full game is out, you can play from night 1-7, though Scott is releasing a DLC in the future for the game so
  8. Fun Fact: game came out yesterday
  9. I would go back to the 90s so I can be a real 90s kid, because I was born in 99' sooo
  10. I don't know, I just got bored of TTT, also some nights I couldn't play because of being to busy, I just couldn't press the Gmod Icon, it was too hard
  11. Some day young warrior...some day. I'll come back better then ever, ready to kill innos and detectives!
  12. Hi, many of you may have forgotten me, so, I'm Wolfey, how are you doing, good? That's good! Well, I haven't been on the server in a while, just wondering what's been happening, i might get back on and maybe be active again, but I've been addicted to other things so I can't really get on yet. I've been rambling for 2 sentences, so, I'm just gonna go, see ya.

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