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  1. I'm surprised my tin can didn't explode running this, but I have to say this was one of the most beautiful powerpoints I've ever watched. Unigine Heaven Benchmark 4.0 FPS: 4.6 Score: 116 Min FPS: 3.1 Max FPS: 10.9 System Platform: Windows 7 (build 7601, Service Pack 1) 64bit CPU model: AMD A10-5800K APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics (3800MHz) x2 GPU model: NVIDIA GeForce GT 440 (1024MB) x1 Settings Render: Direct3D11 Mode: 1680x1050 8xAA fullscreen Preset Custom Quality Ultra Tessellation: Extreme Powered by UNIGINE Engine Unigine Corp. © 2005-2013
  2. Hey welcome back! If you get staff I'll write my goodbye note, anyways its nice to see you again.
  3. I could talk about music for ages man don't worry, but a song stuck in my head at the moment is Fire Away(feat Danyka Nadeau) by Fractal. (its dubstep) Some of my favorite songs though are heavy drum and bass songs or really melodic drum and bass songs, with heavy beats or just a high bpm. My 2 favorite artists for either of those are Muzzy(heavy) and Feint(melodic) but there are some others good artists for that too. Some of my favorite songs from Muzzy are The Phantom, Lost Metropolis, Play(feat. UK:ID), Children of Hell, Crescendo(feat. MYLK) and Back To You VIP version. My favorites from Feint are Promises, Time Bomb(feat. Veela), We Won't Be Alone(feat. Laura Brehm), Words(feat. Laura Brehm), Take It In(feat. Koven), Atlas(the first song he ever made), Horizons and Always Here. Again, Muzzy is usually heavier and Feint is more peacful and melodic, but they both sit around 165-180bpm.
  4. I listen to a lot of different stuff but my favorite is electronic styled music. Some of my favorite artists are Feint, Muzzy, Rameses B, Droptek, Maduk, Marrix & Futurebound, Netsky, Noisestorm, Nitrofun, Mr Fijiwiji, Pegboard Nerds, Pendulum, Puppet, The Eden Project, EDEN, Stonebank, Tristam & Braken, Virtual Riot, deadmau5, Daft Punk, Chainsmokers, Blackmill, Avicii, Skrillex, Au5. This might sound like a lot but it hardly covers the amount I have saved. I also listen to rock and rap and a couple other genres, artists like J. Cole and Eminem, Logic and G-Eazy, some rap rock from Hollywood Undead, really old school electro with Justice, some older rock like The Offspring and Metallica. There's just a lot, if you could be more specific to what you like i'm pretty sure I could find you something
  5. After being yelled at to put some pictures in this thread, I present to you...MY PETS First I'll start off with my dog, she's a German Shepard/Sheep dog mix named Misty. She's really shy but once she feels comfortable around you she is very energetic and playful. We got her and her sister when they were 3 years old from a dog pound when I was about 9. My parents originally wanted me to get a pet so I could play with something besides my baby brother and I picked out Misty's sister who I later named Lady(i wasn't creative with names then and i'm still not now i'm sorry). I was told both dogs in the cage were sisters and I didn't want to take them apart so I begged my parents to let me get both of them. The two of them were abused when they were younger and I was the only person they ever really approached in the house, so I've been the one that always takes care of them and I have ever since. Unfortunately Lady passed away when I was younger so I don't have any pictures of her grown up with Misty, but I have one my parents took when they were pups. She is 14 years old now. Next, I have a black Bombay/Maine Coon mix named Smoke, I got him from a Petsmart adoption center when he was a 6 month old kitten. He is the devil incarnate inside an animal. He steals your food, he chews and breaks everything valuable in your life and really hates shoes. He is EXTREMELY playful and energetic, like, this little shit will turn you and everything you own into a jungle gym. Although he can be a pain, he can be very sweet and loveable at the same time. He is very small but has the heart of a lion and I'm the only one in the house he loves to get extremely aggressive and playful with which is partly fun and cute but slightly terrifying when I could be leaving the bathroom and have a cat just leap at me from the dark. He's learned how to open doors, trashcans and drawers so I consider him to be pretty damn smart too. He also just loves to pick on my dog Misty so I'm always having to make sure they're both always in check. Lastly I have a Siamese cat named Chloe. I got her along with Smoke since they were in the cages next to each other playing both times when I went to check animals out. They seemed like good pals and I didn't want to separate them. Chloe is really shy and reserved, if she wants attention you'll be able to tell, otherwise she hides somewhere away from everyone. Both Smoke and Chloe play fight and bully each other all the time but at the same time can be best buddies whenever and its really cute. ARE YOU HAPPY NAT
  6. I have to play with him outside of league now too? damn...jkjk hi buddy :)
  7. and I'm still here using my 3 year old TinCanX70 Enhanced Hamster Wheel addition with a garbage multi-media card :(
  8. +1 Potato is a *very* long time FuZion member and is friendly with all players and staff and has always been helpful on the server. She follows all the rules and has always proven to understand them and although she doesn't have the recommended hours I believe she has proven herself to be a trustworthy member that could easily handle a staff position. As for the application not being long enough, it's just as long as all the others that were posted so I see no issue here and I don't see much of an issue with the wording either.
  9. +1 Gavin has been a long time member of FuZion and has always been helpful and respectful of other players and staff. I have no clue who's been reporting him but I can assure you everyone messes up and accidentally RDM's every now and again and even then I'm pretty positive he'll serve his slays if its a just reason, most like any other regular we have on the server that follows the rules. Otherwise, Gavin follows all the rules and helps current staff enforce them. Although he doesn't have the recommended hours I still think it would be smart to make him a moderator based on his understanding of the rules and his proven helpfulness towards the server.
  10. Only certain players were given staff based on their past hours and reputation on the server. You'll have to get 48 hours on the new server regardless of the amount of time you had on the old server. Sorry if it's an inconvenience.
  11. -1/Neutral I've never seen you before (or don't recall at least) other than the time I saw you farming hours sitting AFK on the server all morning. I don't really know if you understand how things work if I have people telling me you don't know how to punish someone correctly or just simple game mechanics like karma. I suggest spending more time on the server and demonstrating everything you put in your application and understanding everything about the game, the basics at least, otherwise I'd have to generally say no to giving you a staff position.
  12. +rep Warp was staff on the old server and has always been very helpful, he's very active and friendly to everyone that plays, he understands all the rules and would be a great addition to the staff.

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