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  1. NO more papa bye ;-;

  2. Well guys this is my schedule for my school i will be busy for a while XD I am going to start school on AUG 24 so i wont be on much unless im lazy at doing school work untill then i wont be one much not even league of legends ;-;
  5. im making this as a QnA for those who listen to Slipknot you have a huge chance What number is corry tayler hurry fast
  6. BECAUSE IM FUKING PAPA THATS WHY-People who question me or ask how is that possilbe
  7. Its been awesome Playing TTT in fuzion gaming for a long time now but I am now bored of playing ttt lol tbh i tried getting into playing ttt more but i just got bored of it since i play more league of legends but yeah id like to let you guys know that THEPAPASMURF69 is now retiring from ttt. Like the title says i am retiring from ttt i will be on for a bit but not for much time now. I am actually getting into Dark Rp and league of legends and counter strike since for me these 3 games are like crack to me cus i cant ever get enough of it LOL.. anyways thats about it hope to see some of you later on <3 LOVE YALL *KISS*. Phugel or buzz or blue plzz add me to group of retired plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz love u guys!!!!!! ESPECIALY YOU BROTHER BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!! ALSO .................. ALLAHU AKBARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I am papa witch means im GOD witch means i created all of you and your creations are mine so i MADE THIS SITE= checkmate bitches
  9. I love you kitten you never annoyed me and i will always remember you .... mainly becuz i stabbed you alot and started a cult but the stab from me was with love
  11. NEw rule 2 numbers per post, per day 1-100
  12. Nope 2,4,7,8,17,19,23,28,32,59,60,63,67,69 are out WE HAVE NO WINNER FOR THIS WEEKS LOTTERY TOON IN NEXT WEEK FOR OUR WEEKLY LOTTERY
  13. Nope 2,4,7,8,19,23,28,32,59,60,63,67 are out
  14. Nope 4,7,8,19,23,32,59,60,63,67 are out
  15. Nope 23,32,59,67 are out

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