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If you're here, you care :)

I'm Logan, currently 15 years old but my birthday is soon (13 days!) I used to be a moderator for a server that shut down a year ago. All my life I have been heavily interested in computers and online gaming. I miss the times where I could join a server and see familiar, friendly faces. Please consider me for mod, I will make a great community member.

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About FuZion Gaming™

FuZion Gaming™ was founded in August of 2013. We strive to provide a comfortable gaming environment for all people, creating a close-knit community full of diversity. We are proud to be comprised of the best players and administrators throughout Garry's Mod. FuZion Gaming™ offers access to many resources available to all players, we welcome you to FuZion Gaming™ and hope you enjoy your stay!

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