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    yummy yummy cummy in my tummy

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    AMD Ryzen 7 1700 3.5ghz
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    ASUS 8gb 1070
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    Asus B350 Plus
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    16gb Corsair Vengence DDR4-2666
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    Deepcool watercooling loop and a pair of noctua fans
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    2x 128gb SSDs, one for Windows one for Arma/Skyrim
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    2x 1tb HDDs
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    White/Blue Deepcool Genome II


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    Razer Naga
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    Corsair Strafe (Non-rgb :C)
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    Samsung SyncMaster 2443BWT (discontinued for at least 5 years) and a generic Dell monitor I got with a prebuilt
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    Urbanears Plattan Wireless
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    Blue Yeti
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    Lg G5

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  1. Been overclocking so here my new score (pretty good for a cpu ~43%-50% the price of yours)
  2. If you haven't noticed the server is currently online and ready to play IP ttt.fuziongaming.net Huge shout out to robert shoot for aiding in the setup of the server. He has been made a superadmin to test but has been told to limit use of his powers to only development.
  3. Little bit late to this thread but my favorite music is '80s style electric rock. Bands like Gunship, Trevor Something, Timecop1983, Lazerhawk(the ones who did the blood dragon soundtrack), etc. Also Mac Demarco is a god and I can't wait for his new album 5/5. Edit: Almost forgot, Turbonegro is a great punk band, also Dropkick Murphy's, Radio Moscow(not punk but still), and Reel Big Fish.
  4. Too lazy to figure out how to copy and paste it. My score was 632, gonna try and upgrade my mobo/cpu soon.

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