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Found 7 results

  1. If you haven't noticed the server is currently online and ready to play IP ttt.fuziongaming.net Huge shout out to robert shoot for aiding in the setup of the server. He has been made a superadmin to test but has been told to limit use of his powers to only development.
  2. Rules of Applications: If your application is denied, you must wait 1 week before posting another application. Please use correct spelling and grammar. Follow the provided template. You must have 48 hours of playtime to apply. Do not ask people to look at your application. If Agreeing/Disagreeing with Application: Do +1 if you agree with the application then explain why. Ex. +1 Fun to play with, Knows the rules, would make a great Moderator. Do -1 if you disagree with the application then explain why. Ex. -1 Broke many rules, plays unfairly. You can always change your mind on agreeing and disagreeing. You must provide valid reasons criticism Only post one time on a person's application unless replying to a post. Application Template: First Name: Steam Name: SteamID: Find it here: http://steamidfinder.com Do you have a mic?: Age (Have to be 14 or older, there are exceptions, contact high staff for information): How many hours do you have on the server you are applying on? (You need to have at least 48 hours): Why do you want to be staff on our server?: How could you help us from being a staff on our server?: Do you have prior administrative experience? If so, what server and rank?: List atleast 5 ULX commands: How many days can you be on the server? Most important rule of the server and why?: Who's more important, the staff or the players?: What is RDM?: What is Ghosting?: Do you understand that if you are caught lying on your application or advertising your application you will be instantly denied and you will have to wait 1 full week before applying again?: Extra information about yourself? (OPTIONAL):
  3. Hello this is just a short presentation, so yeah um....my name on Steam is CarloAlesi99 but now that im playing on Fuzion you guys needed to know my nickname. This is my NickName "OmgIts4Lex1". But you guys can call me "fourlex", so yeah thats it, hope i make good buddys on this server.
  4. I'm just gonna....walk away now......
  5. Hello, I was wondering how to find the total time on the server. I have looked everywhere but haven't found it. Help would be nice. Thanks TheSharpExpert
  6. Blue


    FuZion Gaming TTT RULES: 1. When innocent, you can only shoot someone on truly valid grounds*. 2. Only detectives can give orders, disobeying allows the detectives to hurt (but don't instant kill) as a warning. 3. Throwing grenades at random, in a way they may hurt people, is K.O.S able 4. Prop killing / significant hurting when alive is not allowed, you are allowed to when dead. (It can get hilarious) 5. Don't let the time run out as a traitor, don't waste other peoples time. 6. Using any map-specific trap (dynamite, gas, etc.) with the intention to hurt someone is a traitorous act. 7. Be forgiving. People make mistakes. You can always mark them (Suspect), when in doubt. 8. Your name should be pronounceable and type able. When asked to change name, do so, or get kicked. 9. Don't overuse the voice chat, don't spam your microphone, don't sing. (see VOIP rules) 10. No karma trolling (making others kill and get banned for low karma) 11. No flaming / extreme swearing / discrimination. 12. No inappropriate sprays. Server population decides whether or not this is the case. 13. No glitching, exploiting, hacks or scripts and other related ways of cheating. 14. Metagaming / ghosting is NEVER allowed, this will result in a permanent ban. 15. Do not kill rule breakers. Don't take the law into your own hands, only shoot in self defense. 16. If there is a player with a higher rank on the server, do not use any of your rank's powers. 17. Do not talk back to an Admin, or trash talk an Admin this will result in a permanent ban. 18. falsely K.O.S when innocent will result in an immediate slay and then if it continues a Ban 19. This server is NOT rated G, expect swearing and possible nudity, this does not allow for racism or sexism. 20. Have FUN !!!! INVALID GROUNDS TO SHOOT SOMEONE: -He is hurt -He has fired his weapon, even if he nearly hit you -He is stalking you / hugging you (After 5 warnings you may shoot to warn. These warning may not be right after the other, you must wait at least 10 seconds between each warning. If the stalking continues you may kill them) -He is AFK / standing still -Not responding to a live-check (You may KOS if it is overtime) -His weapon matches the weapon used to kill someone -He hit you for a few HP when his prop glitched out -You obviously walked into his line of fire and got hit VOIP RULES: 1. When using the microphone we prefer to have low a pitched voice. (Females excluded) If you are under the age of 13 you may use the microphone, but please don't scream or make unnecessary high pitched noises. Note that if a person harasses you due to your voice you should not argue, simply mute that player client side and/or report them to an admin. (You can also press tab and mute each person manually by clicking the speaking icon to the right). 2. Don't talk over other people; respect the rights that other people have to speak and do not cut them off. Admins are entirely within their rights to mute you for this. In severe cases Admins may mute everybody in the server to remind people of this rule. 3. Use push to talk, don't keep the talk button pressed for long periods of time, unless you are clearly stating what you need to state, otherwise keep it clear and straight to the point. 4. If an Owner, Super Admin, Admin, or moderator is talking let then talk, if you continue to talk while they are talking you will get gagged for 5 minutes. ** THE ABOVE RULES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE AT ANY POINT WITHOUT WARNING **

About FuZion Gaming™

FuZion Gaming™ was founded in August of 2013. We strive to provide a comfortable gaming environment for all people, creating a close-knit community full of diversity. We are proud to be comprised of the best players and administrators throughout Garry's Mod. FuZion Gaming™ offers access to many resources available to all players, we welcome you to FuZion Gaming™ and hope you enjoy your stay!

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